Tips for Staging the Exterior of Your House

Staging the Exterior of Your House

Sell your Louisville house in probateI have a question for you today about staging the exterior of your house.

Did you ever stop to think about how the exterior of you house looks to a potential buyer?  It can be a real turnoff to buyers even if it just needs some minor repairs or sprucing up.

Take just a minute and look at the pictures below. They are before and after pictures of the same house.

You will notice how making these small changes can make a huge difference in curb appeal. Something as simple as paint and some flowers are pretty inexpensive to do, but these changes can make it look like an entirely different house.  If you look closely, you will also notice that the roof color has been changed.

Here’s the thing; I’m not suggesting everyone needs to put a new roof on their home.  However if you know that your roof is old and it’s going to become an issue during a home inspection for the new buyers, I recommend that you go ahead and replace it.  You will recoup that investment in several ways.

First of all, you can immediately add the cost of the new roof to the sales price. This is now a house with a brand new roof, and this is money the new buyers don’t have to spend after laying out all of that cash when they buy your Louisville house.


You do want to sell your Louisville house fast right?

Secondly, when it comes to instant curb appeal, this house is now a real winner.  Staging the exterior of this home home will pay big dividends when it sells without a doubt.

Here is another tip for you. Be sure to keep the new color scheme in mind when choosing the color of your new roof. You can see how the new color of the roof instantly updates the look of the house.  What was popular and trendy 20 years ago is probably different from today. The same is true of your new exterior paint colors.  You want everything to have a coordinated

Final Tips

Staging the exterior of your home is incredibly important.  You will sell any home faster and for a better price than if you skip this step.

Why is staging the exterior of your home some important?  The reason is in order to sell your home fast, you have to get people in the door.  When a potential buyer drives up to the front of your house, they often decide in moments whether or not they want to come in.

The other reason is buyers form opinions quickly about how well you have taken care of the interior of your home based on it’s exterior appearance.  Everyone wants to be proud of their new home when they show it to friends and family, but they don’t necessarily want to be the one to make those upgrades.

Here are some low cost things you can do in the video below.


Here is Your Video

Staging the Exterior of Your Home to Sell -Sel MyLouisvilleHouse

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